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With the help of our partners, SIRT innovates in all areas of the screen industry. Together, we collaborate on a variety of projects and help solve industry challenges. We also provide our partners, which includes guilds and industry associations, access to the latest equipment and advanced facilities in order to evolve their skills, knowledge and workflows. Thank you to all of our partners and funders.
We are fortunate to work with a variety of companies and organizations to evolve the screen industry, and are always open to new partnerships and projects. Whether you want to test, develop or train on new equipment, are looking for new innovations, or want to become more knowledgeable about a specific aspect of the industry, we can provide you with the services and technology to meet your needs.

For partnership opportunities, please email sirt@sheridancollege.ca.


We partner with many different companies and organizations on a variety of projects. However, we all have the same goal: to advance innovation in the…

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