Virtual Reality

Our focus in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) involves both technological and creative aspects of content development and display. We collaborate with companies and organizations that are eager to fully understand, enhance and advance the ways VR and AR impact a user’s sense of immersion, presence and empathy.

Our Experience
Our full-time team has extensive experience in all aspects of cinematic and game-based VR development and production: live action cinematography, visual effects, computer animation, motion capture, previsualization, gaming, computer programming and directing. Together with industry experts, we find new ways to integrate character and narrative or game play, camera, lighting, action and visual effects into accurate virtual environments in order to help our partners make better creative and technical decisions.

The Technology
Content producers are always eager to step foot onto our 10,000 square foot sound stage because it is fully loaded with core and advanced technologies to create innovative VR/AR content.

We are fully equipped with:

  • Head-mounted displays for both static and room-scale VR experiences
  • 360° camera rigs
  • Motion capture
  • Green screen for visual effects
  • Binaural and ambisonic microphones
  • A full suite of post-production tools for both sound and picture

One of SIRT's many experiments, this was a small prototype of a lightsaber training demo for VR using OptiTrack's motion capture system, Unity game engine, Sony Move controllers, and the mighty duct tape.

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