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SIRT is the innovation destination for Ontario's screen industries, and increases the province’s global competitiveness. We offer, explore and advance next-gen technologies and workflows for creative content production and have access to true innovators; either on staff, as partners or as consultants.  SIRT has all of this and more.

Through research and development in Digital Cinema, Remote Collaboration using broadband (SirtNet), Virtual Production and Virtual Reality, we drive the development and adoption of ground-breaking digital media technologies and methods.

Please explore our four areas of focus below

Workflow In The Cloud

Burstable capacity. Quick access. Flexible real-time collaboration. From preproduction to delivery, SirtNet is the solution for screen companies looking for a secure, high-speed fibre collaboration…

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Virtual Reality

Our focus in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) involves both technological and creative aspects of content development and display. We collaborate with companies…

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Virtual Production

Virtual Production (VP) is an area of digital cinema workflow that deals with real-time use of computer generated assets during different stages of the production…

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Digital Cinema

Leading industry associations, guilds and screen-related companies come to the SIRT Centre at Pinewood Toronto Studios because it is the premier digital cinema testing and…

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